Get into a healthier you!

Small steps can make a BIG difference.

A healthier you can be within reach. It doesn’t take a difficult diet plan, or gym membership. Keep it simple!

Start with one change at a time to your diet or activity level. As it gets easier, make another change or two. If you fall off the wagon, just start back up again.

Here are some simple steps to get you started:

Rethink your drink

Drinking enough water plays a big role in keeping us healthy and it helps with weight loss. Water can help us feel fuller, so we’ll eat less—all with zero calories!

  • Up your water intake
    • Tip: Have a glass of water with meals
  • Dilute sugary drinks
    • Tip: Add water and ice to drinks like lemonade
  • Add flavor
    • Tip: Use citrus, cucumber, or fruit slices or drink flavored water

Eat healthier

It’s easier than you think to eat healthier, and it doesn’t have to be difficult or bland.

  • Eat veggies for snacks
    • Tip: Pre-cut vegies for the week and eat with hummus
  • Limit portion sizes
    • Tip: Put snacks in small containers instead of eating from the bag
  • Watch your sugar intake
    • Tip: Look for options that are lower in sugar
  • Try oven-frying instead of deep frying
    • Tip: Almost anything coated in breadcrumbs can be oven-fried

Be active

Being more active is easier than you may think. Find ways to add in or mix up daily activity and discover a healthier you.

  • Move more and sit less
    • Tip: Walk or stand while talking on the phone
  • Aim for 30 minutes of daily physical activity
    • Tip: Go on walks before or after dinner
  • Try low-impact exercise
    • Tip: Free yoga videos can be found on YouTube

Online resources

Featured local program

If you’re interested in a local resource, check out the Total Health Improvement Program, which offers free classes have topics that focus on ways to live a healthier life like increasing natural movement, whole foods and plant-based nutrition, and mindfulness.

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