OHP Redetermination: April 2023


Oregon Health Plan (OHP) redeterminations (also known as “OHP renewals”) start on April 1, 2023. Now that the Public Health Emergency (PHE) is officially ending, Oregon Health Plan (OHP) members must do two things:

Not everyone will renew at the same time. When it is time to renew your OHP benefits, the Oregon Health Authority will send you a letter telling you how to renew. 

If you do not respond to the letter, your benefits will end. If you do not respond, you will get a letter saying that your OHP benefits are ending. If you get a letter, please respond right away. Responding right away will help make sure that your renewal is processed as soon as possible.

Umpqua Health Alliance is ensuring that their members have access to the correct resources that will help them to re-enroll.

All members have a right to know about Umpqua Health Alliance’s programs and services.

Members or potential members who do not speak English as their primary language and who have a limited ability to read, speak, write, or understand English are called Limited English Proficient or LEP. Anyone who is LEP may be entitled to language assistance for healthcare services/encounters or benefits.

We provide the following at no cost to you:

  • Sign language interpreters
  • Spoken language interpreters for other languages
  • Written materials in other languages
  • Braille
  • Large print
  • Audio
  • Auxiliary Aids and other formats

If you need help or have questions, please call Customer Care at 541-229-4842, Toll-Free 866-672-1551, or TTY 711.

Todos los miembros tienen derecho a conocer los programas y servicios de Umpqua Health Alliance.

Los miembros o miembros potenciales que no hablan inglés como idioma principal y que tienen una capacidad limitada para leer, hablar, escribir o entender inglés se denominan dominio limitado del inglés o LEP. Cualquier persona que sea LEP puede tener derecho a asistencia lingüística para servicios de salud, encuentros o beneficios.

Proporcionamos lo siguiente sin costo alguno para usted:

  • Intérpretes de lenguaje de signos
  • Intérpretes de idiomas hablados para otros idiomas
  • Materiales escritos en otros idiomas
  • Braille
  • Impresión grande
  • Audio
  • Ayudas auxiliares y otros formatos

Si necesita ayuda o tiene preguntas, llame al servicio de atención al cliente al 541-229-4842, al número gratuito 866-672-1551 o al TTY 711.

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