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Download or view the UHA Member Handbook for full details of services, programs, and forms. Members have access to all medical, dental, and behavioral health benefits covered under the Oregon Health Plan (OHP). Contact UHA Customer Care if you need a copy of any resource.


Our goal is to be a partner on your journey toward better health and wellness.Our Care Coordinators will help you navigate through the healthcare system. We have experts in many different areas of healthcare. These experts are here for you and your family members. Want to know more? Click the button below or call our team at (541) 229-4842 and ask for Care Coordination.

UHA covers Behavioral Health Services for all members and are designed to empower members to live, work, and thrive in their communities.

You can get your prescriptions mailed to your door or you can go to a walk-in pharmacy. Click below to see our pharmacy services.

The Umpqua Health Alliance (UHA) Medication Management (MM) program offers assistance to members who need help managing their chronic drug therapy.

Get A Ride

You can get free rides to and from covered services. Call: 877-324-8109 or Visit: BCB Portal

Call 911 for emergency room care.

UHA’s Transitional Care Team is here to see recently discharged ATRIO DUAL and UHA patients. Our team will work to ensure the health of patients at risk for readmission. Transition of Care (TOC) program helps bridge the gap between hospital, home, and follow-up care with primary care providers.

Receiving top-notch health care from a local provider doesn’t require leaving your home. In fact, nearly half of all providers in the United States offer some level of telehealth services. These virtual visits allow patients to interact with their provider from the comfort of their own home without risking viral transmission.

Click the button below for a of providers that are accepting new patients and offer telehealth services. Contact the provider directly to learn more about what they offer and when appointments are available.

Traditional Health Workers (THWs) help individuals in their communities, providing physical and behavioral health services. They can improve patient and provider experiences while enhancing patient-centered care and go beyond the clinical aspect of care, breaking down barriers that may exist for the patient. An effective THW workforce consists of individuals who have shared “lived experiences” and who are representative of the population they serve.

Beginning in 2024, eligible Oregon Health Plan (OHP) members who meet certain criteria can get new benefits for their Health-Related Social Needs (HRSN). These new benefits can help people stay safe during extreme weather events, get and keep a place to live, and afford quality food. Click the button below to learn more.


According to national statistics, it is likely that one-third of adults in the United States have prediabetes and nine out of 10 of those individuals do not know they are at risk for developing Type 2 Diabetes.

UHA provides a range of programs and services that help our members and patients prevent or manage their Type 2 Diabetes.


Foodsmart is a free program that helps Umpqua Health Alliance members live a healthy lifestyle through one-one-one virtual nutritional coaching, personalized meal plans, and grocery saving tools. Eligible Umpqua Health Alliance members can sign up for the program through a web browser or by downloading the Foodsmart app. Click below for more information.

Free classes on living a healthier lifestyle, movement, nutrition, movement and exercise, and mindfulness. Afternoon and evening class options are available. No registration required. Click below for class schedule and topics.

If you’re looking to stop using tobacco, we can help! Umpqua Health Alliance partners with Quit for Life, a program designed to help make quitting tobacco easier. Through Quit for Life, you’ll work with a coach to make a quit plan and get help beating urges and fighting cravings so you can live your life tobacco-free. Click here for the Quit for Life flyer, and click here for answers to common questions.

Mental health and addiction treatment services are available to all UHA Members. You do not need a referral to get mental health or addiction treatment services from a network provider. Please call UHA Customer Care at 541-229-4842.

Aim High
The Adult Mental Health Initiative (AMHI), or Aim High, is a program provided by Adapt to help adults in residential settings get better mental healthcare. Call Adapt at 541-672-2691 for details.

NAMI Clubhouse
Located in Roseburg, Chadwick Clubhouse provides free and safe accommodations for 10 to 15 members at a time, who are learning to manage serious chronic mental illness and return to daily life. Ongoing counseling, assistance with medical prescriptions, rehabilitation, and social support activities onsite. Click here for more information.

Advance care planning (ACP) is defined as a process that supports individuals in understanding and sharing their values, goals and preferences for future medical care. These care decisions are then formally documented in an Advance Directive, a forward-thinking legal document that empowers individuals, their loved ones and their care teams to make the right healthcare decisions moving forward. ACP facilitates physicians providing patients with the right care, at the right time, in the appropriate setting. Download a patient-facing handout here.

Douglas Education Service District’s Taking Root Parenting Hub offers free education classes and workshops for parents to help them learn ways to provide effective discipline and guidance, nurture and foster life skills, promote healthy development, and, most of all, enjoy the enormous task of raising their children.

New Day
New Day is a service for pregnant women in Douglas County on the Oregon Health Plan, who are struggling with substance abuse, as well as other challenges. New Day staff can help with treatment options, emotional support and counseling, finding resources, and more.

New Beginnings

New Beginnings is a program that focuses on children before birth to age five.  We work with the child and their family, along with their care providers and community partners to offer support and resources.  Every parent wants what is best for their child. Together, through coordinated care, each child’s unique needs will be identified and addressed.

For more information on either of these programs, contact our Case Management Team at


Mental health and addiction treatment services are available to all UHA Members. You do not need a referral to get mental health or addiction treatment services from a network provider. Please call UHA Customer Care at 541-229-4842.


All members have a right to know about Umpqua Health Alliance’s programs and services.

Members or potential members who do not speak English as their primary language and who have a limited ability to read, speak, write, or understand English are called Limited English Proficient or LEP. Anyone who is LEP may be entitled to language assistance for healthcare services/encounters or benefits.

We provide the following at no cost to you:

  • Sign language interpreters
  • Spoken language interpreters for other languages
  • Written materials in other languages
  • Braille
  • Large print
  • Audio
  • Auxiliary Aids and other formats

If you need help or have questions, please call Customer Care at 541-229-4842, Toll-Free 866-672-1551, or TTY 711.

Todos los miembros tienen derecho a conocer los programas y servicios de Umpqua Health Alliance.

Los miembros o miembros potenciales que no hablan inglés como idioma principal y que tienen una capacidad limitada para leer, hablar, escribir o entender inglés se denominan dominio limitado del inglés o LEP. Cualquier persona que sea LEP puede tener derecho a asistencia lingüística para servicios de salud, encuentros o beneficios.

Proporcionamos lo siguiente sin costo alguno para usted:

  • Intérpretes de lenguaje de signos
  • Intérpretes de idiomas hablados para otros idiomas
  • Materiales escritos en otros idiomas
  • Braille
  • Impresión grande
  • Audio
  • Ayudas auxiliares y otros formatos

Si necesita ayuda o tiene preguntas, llame al servicio de atención al cliente al 541-229-4842, al número gratuito 866-672-1551 o al TTY 711.

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