CME Training and Opportunities and Community Resources

Community Resources

  • Blue Zones Plant Based Eating Guide
  • E-Cigarettes & Young People is a guide from the CDC for health care professionals to talk to young patients about the risks of e-cigarettes.
  • The Chadwick Clubhouse is an evidence-based, non-clinical, mental health program following the proven Clubhouse Model to help members transition into the community. It supplements existing clinical mental health services and fosters a healthy lifestyle.
  • Take Root Parenting Hub offers classes, workshops, and materials to parents and guardians to help them learn ways to provide effective discipline and guidance, nurture and foster life skills, promote healthy development, and enjoy raising their children.
  • Total Health Improvement Program (THIP) classes by UC VEG share simple, safe, affordable, and practical methods that result in health restoration.
  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, or SAMHSA, recently released new videos and other resources to help prevent suicide and offer support to those in crisis. Find resources to help prevent suicide here.
  • Diabetes Empowerment Education Program, also known as DEEP, is a free six-week workshop that helps people with diabetes live healthy lives. Topics include managing blood sugar, healthy diet, weekly goal setting, and more. Participants will also receive free tools and resources. For more information, click here.

Time-Sensitive Opportunities

  • Chronic Pain Self-Management Workshop

This program helps participants explore healthy ways to manage and live with their chronic pain condition so they can enjoy more fulfilling, satisfying lives. You can find the provider referral form here.
When: Thursdays, January 9th – February 13th from 10am – 12:30pm
Where: Bridgewood Rivers, 1901 W Hughwood Dr., Roseburg
Contact: Angelia Freeman, or 541.673.2267 x 5104

  • Tobacco Cessation Classes & Weekly Support

Freshstart® is a four-week free tobacco cessation program offered by the Community Cancer Center. This program is designed to help participants take charge of their efforts to quit using tobacco. Participants receive weekly coaching and mentoring to aid them in quitting smoking for good. You can find the provider referral form here.
When: Tuesdays, January 7th – January 28th, 4pm – 5pm
Where: Community Cancer Center
Contact: Angelia Freeman, or 541.673.2267 x 5104

CME and Training Opportunities

Every month in the provider newsletter, we share information about upcoming CME and training opportunities. See below to learn more about some of these modules, programs and events.

Enduring Materials/Ongoing Opportunities

Contact Us

For all training questions, please contact us at If you have a specific question about provider orientation and trainings, click here to view a contact sheet for several UHA departments.

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