Special Edition Provider Newsletter – Coronavirus #2 (Updated)

Telehealth Coverage for COVID-19

The Health Evidence Review Commission (HERC) updated the Prioritized list last week just after our first provider newsletter COVID-19 edition was published.   The Ancillary Guideline A5, Teleconsultations and Non-Face-to-Face Telehealth Services was updated, and is available here.

The payment rate for the telemedicine services that meet those requirements is paid at your currently contracted rate for reimbursement.  Additionally, OHA has revised the OARS that regulate telehealth services:

OAR 410-130-0610 Amends Telemedicine Rule To Align With Updated Practice Guidelines And Respond To Infectious Disease Outbreaks
OAR 410-141-3830 Updates to the Prioritized List of Covered Health Services to Improve Access to Telehealth

You can also find more information in this document from OHA regarding telemedicine services.

We appreciate the care you provide to our members and will let you know of any developments with our telemedicine coverage.

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