UHA grant will fund LGBTQ+ Community Assessment

 In General
Umpqua Health Alliance was pleased to approve a $30,000 grant to Umpqua Valley Rainbow Collective to conduct a comprehensive LGBTQ+ Community Assessment in Douglas County.

The assessment will include surveys, focus groups, town hall meetings, and the hiring of an outreach coordinator to better understand the demographics, experiences, needs, and concerns of the community. Much of this information isn’t currently available for the county.

Chi Mei Tam, one of the leaders of the Umpqua Valley Rainbow Collective, told the Roseburg News-Review:

“We know that when it comes to our community, there’s a lot of issues when it comes to housing, health care, unemployment, education, etc. But there hasn’t really been any comprehensive data, especially from Douglas County, to be able to prove that.”

Umpqua Health Alliance is responding to the lack of readily available information on the needs of LGBTQ+ members in Douglas County. The results of the outreach will help health organizations across the county find the best way to support the population.

You can read the full story on the News-Review website or learn more about the Umpqua Valley Rainbow Collective.

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