Hastings Village continues to grow with community support

 In General

The Hastings Village, operated by Umpqua Heart, has provided temporary shelter for more than 100 homeless people in its first year, thanks to supportive Sutherlin and Oakland communities and local partnerships.

This article in the Roseburg News-Review shares the many successes in 2022 as the transitional housing project has created a model that other communities are interested in following. From community volunteers to investments from groups like Adapt, HIV Alliance, Umpqua Health, the project is ready to grow in 2023.

“We received a large lump sum from the Umpqua Health Alliance and we are going to be able to implement our Phase II of the Hastings Village initiative,” said Wayne Ellsworth of Umpqua Heart. “With this phase, we will be building 40 micro-shelters and putting them on this property. These will include electricity water and sewer services as well as a bathroom shower area and laundry facility on-site.”

Phase III will add wraparound programs to further help homeless individuals transition to more stable lifestyles.

You can learn more about Umpqua Heart at www.umpquaheart.org.

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